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Ian Fleming: The Bibliography by Jon Gilbert

First published in 2012 and having rapidly sold out, this award-winning bibliography is available once more. The price remains at £175 with slipcases £35. To order a copy please contact our distributors Adrian Harrington Books

‘An outstanding work of meticulous scholarship, Ian Fleming: The Bibliography not only shows that modern authors are collectible, but also that modern authors merit exhaustive bibliographical scholarship. Jon Gilbert’s book has set a standard that will not easily be equalled and is, in every aspect, a most deserved winner of the 16th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography.’ – Arnoud Gerits, Prize Secretary, 2014


Ian Fleming: The Book Collector

Everyone knows about Bond but few are aware of Ian Fleming’s passion for collecting books. In 1952, the year he wrote Casino Royale, he launched a periodical for bibliophiles: The Book Collector. By this time he was well into his collection of first editions of books that were crucial to modern civilisation (on TV, atomic fission, X-rays, birth control, the motor car and penicillin among other things). As an idea it was unique. Following his death in 1964 it was acquired by the Lilly Library, Indiana University.

The Book Collector is still very much alive and to celebrate the 65th anniversary of its birth it has devoted its Spring 2017 issue to Ian Fleming (available from The collected articles have been published by Queen Anne Press both in book form and, individually, as pamphlets.

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Ian Fleming:
The Book Collector

Click on this link for more information on The Book Collector periodical itself.


Jon Gilbert's Ian Fleming: The Bibliography has been reprinted and is once again available from Adrian Harrington Books.

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